This page has photos and other information for the most recent additions to the breeding plan of Autumn Golden Retrievers.  Bingo is just now beginning his career as a stud dog. He is from top field lines:

         Bingo is an extrovert and has a happy go lucky type of personality.  At the same time, he is not dominant.  When I hand out beef marrow bones, all of the girls will keep their bones until the best part is finished, but Bingo gladly gives up his bone for any other dog that is interested in it.

         The above link is to OFA records for Bingo.  He has Good Hips and Normal elbows.  

          Bingo has a thinner structure due to his field ancestry.   Bingo's pups have show background mothers.  None of the pups will be as dark as Bingo but some are a darker shade that is almost orange.  Some pups are the shade of Misty and some the shade of Ariel.

Bingo at 4 months


Bingo now

How many dogs do you know that walk on water?

         The below videos show past pups from Bingo.  If you are putting a deposit on an unborn pup, this will help you know what to expect.  You can also see a little of the front room of the house where they live for their first five weeks, as well as the housebreaking room where they learn to do their business outside.

Some photos of Bingo's pups:                                   Bernie         Sadie

                                                                                                Cooper        Halley

Bingo And His Kids

Autumn Golden Retrievers​​

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Penny (Bingo X Ariel 2016)

I hope this message finds you well! Just wanted to share a recent picture of Penny in the field on some birds. She’s incredibly intelligent, athletic, and healthy. We couldn’t love her more!
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